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Timeless charm and appeal of Chichibu-Meisen

Chichibu-Meisen is a traditional silk fabric produced in Chichibu, Saitama prefecture. It was very popular in early the Showa period.

The design was attractive to young women. Brilliant floral design is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Chichibu-Meisen. The charm and appeal of traditional Chichibu-Meisen techniques have remained unchanged over 100 years.

Chichibu-Meisen has been designated as a Traditional Crafts of Japan in 2013.

Chichibu-Meisen Museum

Chichibu-Meisen Museum

Silk used to be produced in Chichibu for many years. The Museum displays historical items and sells Chichibu-Meisen dyed and woven goods.

We demonstrate all the processes to make a Meisen Kimono from the cocoon every second Saturday of the month.

You can offer hands-on experience dyeing and weaving.

Hands-on Experience


Hogushi-nasen is the traditional dyeing technique of Chichibu-Meisen.

Required time Approx.2 hour
Course Fee 8,000 yen~

* The fee depends on the design

* Reservation required more than one week in advance

Required time Approx.30 minutes
Coaster 1,000 yen
Indigo Dyeing
Indigo Dyeing
Required time Approx.30 minutes
Handkerchief 1,300 yen
Stencil Dyeing
Stencil Dyeing
Required time Approx.60 minutes
Handkerchief 1,000 yen
Pouch 1,000 yen

Meisen Wearing Experience

Stencil Dyeing
Meisen Coat
Fee Free of charge

You can wear Meisen Coat for free.
Please enjoy taking pictures in the building.

General Information

Admission fee

Adults 200 yen, Children 100 yen.

* I am sorry to inform you but we do not accept payment by credit card.
We only accept payment by cash.

Address 28-1 Kumagimachi, Chichibu-shi, Saitama
Telephone 0494-21-2112, (+81)494-21-2112
Japanese only
Opening hours


* Hands-on experience dyeing and weaving
Reception time 9:00~15:00

Closed December 29-January 3
Access Seibu Railway: 5 minutes walk from Seibu-Chichibu station
Chichibu Railway: 10 minutes walk from Ohanabatake station

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